Virtual Run/Walk/Bike-a-thon, June/July 2021

Join our Virtual Run/Walk/Bike-a-thon, June/July 2021

Due to the pandemic, children need our help more than ever. 

You can help our hard working students in Belize, and get some great exercise by joining our Virtual Run/Walk/Bike-a-thon.   It’s this simple:

  1. Pick your own date (in June or July), route and distance.
  2. Send us a picture of you with your bike or running outfit to post on our “Participants” chart (below).
  3. Get sponsors by informing people about your goal and World’s Window’s goals. You can do this by contacting friends directing and by posting on social media
  4. Ride, run or walk by yourself or with a small socially distanced group.
  5. After your ride, have your sponsors make their donations by clicking here – It’s tax deductible!  
  6. Finally – be happy in the knowledge that some hard working impoverished children will be getting a better education because of your efforts.

 Meet our enrolled participants!

Bill Reilly - I rode 25 miles!

The Ruggiero Riders - We're gonna ride till we drop! - COMPLETED a 10 mile ride!


The Skuza family.  We're going to bike and swim.  Our whole family is ready to rock!  Completed a great ride and swim!

I'm doing this for Mike.

Jack Rightmyer - I'm just gonna keep on riding!  Completed!

Hilary Reilly - I'm walking for the kids!  Completed 5 miles!