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Meet some of our scholarship recipients

Meet some of our Scholarship recipients.



My name is Emmanuel. I want to give my thanks to you all who have helped me so far.  Since I was a kid, no one has believed in me, no teachers, no friends, no family, only my mother.  That’s why I am so grateful with God and you.  For many teachers I was a nuisance because I was always asking questions (even though it is their job.)  I didn’t have supporting friends because I was poor and my family has always been looked down at.  I was almost going to give up everything, but my mother told me to never give up.

I graduated from Technical (high school) but didn’t want to go to sixth form (junior college) because I didn’t have the resources.  But thank God I was given the opportunity.  I am not the best, but I will give my best to make the people who believed in my proud and to show those who didn’t that I could.

My dream is to become a lawyer to be able to defend the weak, poor and innocent.  This world is so messed up and I want to make a change no matter how small it will be.  Thanks once again for reading and taking your time.


I am from Fire Burn Village and I live with both parents, two older sisters and one little sister.  I am in 4th form at New Hope High School.  Fire Burn is a small village where possibilities of having an education higher than primary level are very low.

My greatest aspiration is to become a doctor and to have my private medical clinic.  People from the CSF (Casey Scholarship Fund) foundation can never be rewarded for all their effort, but I will do my best to make them proud.  Having my own clinic will allow me to help other students as CSF has helped me. The best way of predicting my future is by believing in my dreams.



My name is Anderson.  I live in Fire Burn, a small village in the Orange Walk District.  Right now I’m in 9th grade.  One day I would like to be a businessman and to be successful.  I need to finish all of my degrees.  I would one day finish up my studies successfully and be determined to help with my humble village’s conditions.  And for real, I want to finish up and work as a manager because I know I am capable of it.



 My name is Kirian.  I live in San Lazaro Village.  I am currently in 6th form (junior college) in CEMJC in the architecture program.  Ever since first form I have been fascinated by technical drawing and the way drawing can be so intricate.  It’s been a year and a half and it’s been filled with stress and fun.  Thank you CSF for the help.



I am Johan.  I live in the village of San Lazaro.  I am 17 years old and have four other siblings, three elder brothers and a younger sister.  I would consider myself lucky since I know not everyone has both parents present in their life.  I may not have lived as hard a life as others have.  I plan on working hard after I finish my studies.  That way I can help my parents in supporting them financially and to send my younger sister to college.



My name is Damaris and I am 18 years old.  I am from Trial Farm, Orange Walk and am currently attending 6th at Corozal Junior College.  By majoring in computer science, I hope to become a computer engineer.  I will use it to my advantage and help my community.  By opening a small business, I can offer free training classes among our youth.  With this small business, job occupations would be available to them as well.  Also, developing applications that will address social issues, such as poverty and unemployment is another way that I can help my community.



My name is Kenrick.  I live with both my parents and my brother.  I’m a senior at Muffles College High School.  I want to pursue my career goal of becoming a physician.  I’m aware that in order to do so, I will need to push myself and work even harder in order to succeed in life.  Since I am aware that not everyone is a fortunate as I am, when I succeed in my career goal, I will give back to all those in need, and also to those who are helping me.  I am confident that I can succeed and will live up to everyone’s expectations.



I’m 17 years old.  I reside in the village of San Filipe Village, Orange Walk District.  I currently am about to finish my associate’s degree.  The profession that I am interested in is being a computer technician, web designer and a data analyst for Google, for which I am currently taking their course.  In my future I would like to become a person who can help other new students to get an education for their future benefit.