Meet the Casey Community Foundation Board of Directors

World's Window could not succeed with our mission without the professional leadership and hands-on work of the Casey Community Foundation Board of Directors

Casey Scholarship Foundation Director

Ms. Aleida Colindres

Aleida Colindres became a teacher at age 19. It is her passion! Her first teaching job was at the Gallon Jug Community School (now Casey Community School). Here, she was introduced to a high school scholarship fund and to her dearest friends Mike and Jill Casey. She received her Associate’s Degree in Primary Education. After the loss of Mike and Jill, Aleida became the coordinator for the Casey Scholarship Fund and our student coordinator. Her responsibilities include guiding and mentoring our youth in their educational progress, tuition payments, monthly meetings, monitoring of semester reports and much more. Aleida enjoys working with our hard working Belizean youth.  In addition, she serves as Treasurer of the San Lazaro Neighborhood Watch Group and as Secretary of the Manos Solidarias Group.   Our organization is very fortunate to have Ms. Colindres watching over our students!  She loves to be around people; "their energy helps me recharge batteries daily!"



Ms. Reina Corado

Raina Corado is 34 years old, has 3 children and is currently teaching at Linda Vista Primary School. Her first teaching experience was at the Casey Community School.  

Board Member

Ms. Vicky Carrillo

Ms. Vicky Carrillo is 39 years old and has a 3year old daughter. She was a teacher at the Casey Community School (The Happy Little School) for 6 years. "I will forever cherish those years!"


Ms. Vilma Chavez

Ms. Vilma Chavez is 48 years old and worked at ChanChich Lodge in different capacities one of which was assistant manager. When the Gallon Jug High School Scholarship Fund initiated she became their treasurer and rejoined the group as CSF in the year 2012 again. "Being a missionary is my passion!"

Board Member

Ms. Adela Carrillo

Ms. Adela Carrillo was a teacher for 5 years, loved the profession but decided to step aside because she became a mom. She continues in the field by tutoring when necessary. "Baking is one of my passions, helping my community whenever possible is another. I am currently the Treasurer of the San Lazaro Youth Police Cadet Corps."